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RV Detailing Services

At Body Brilliant Detailing, we offer a variety of RV detailing packages and services for your RV or motorhome. Our mission is to provide you with superb workmanship worthy of your ongoing business. We are an experienced Long Island mobile detailing company providing high-quality detailing service your RV deserves.


With all our experience, we know that a basic wash may not do the trick to help get your RV clean and look like new. Because of their size and many components, RVs can be more difficult to wash and detail efficiently. Proper care and maintenance of your RV require a lot more effort than your typical car, truck or SUV, not only because of their size but because of how they are built and what they are made from. 

Body Brilliant Detailing will help you get that detailed treatment for your RV, inside and outside.
We bring our mobile service to your Long Island HOME, RV PARK, or STORAGE FACILITY! 
Our detailing professionals can meet all of your RV’s detailing needs: buff, polish, wax, seal,
removal of oxidation, bug removal, carpet steam cleaning, bathroom, hardwood floors, windows (inside & out), tires and rims.

Our detailing services include a wide range of RV detail services depending on the condition of your RV. We specialize in RV detailing inside and out, regardless of condition. Our RV washing and detailing services can keep your RV not only looking great but keep it protected from the harmful elements that would otherwise cause oxidation and other deterioration.

Contact us today to make an appointment for our RV Detailing services.

Image by Damon On Road

Services Include:

  • RV Washing

  • Interior RV Cleaning & Detailing

  • RV Carpet Steam cleaning

  • RV Waxing

  • RV Gel Coat Polishing & Buffing

  • RV Ceramic Coating

  • RV Rubber Roof Cleaning and Protection

  • Oxidation removal

  • Wet-sanding

Contact us at Body Brilliant Detailing today for more information.

Prices vary due to size, condition and color of your RV.

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