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Wheel Polishing Services

Using the latest technology, our Long Island wheel polishing pros have taken the difficult process of cleaning, polishing, and protecting your wheels to a new level. Our multi-stage process in wheel polishing services and care was developed during our years of professional car detailing. We understand that your wheels are a crucial part of the overall look and performance of your vehicle. You can trust that when we have completed your wheel treatment, they will look amazing and stay cleaner longer.

Your wheels suffer more abuse than the rest of your car. From the harsh elements of the road to the extreme heat caused by the friction and use of the brakes, calipers and rotors, your wheels need to be properly cared for and maintained. Additionally, today’s high profile wheels are expensive and whether they are aftermarket or factory, they can make or break the overall appearance of a car.

Contact us today to make an appointment for our wheel polishing services.


Why consider a wheel polishing, cleaning and protection package?

Blue car.jpeg
  • Appearance and cosmetics

  • Keep them running cooler

  • They stay cleaner longer

  • Protect the surface and barrels of wheels

  • Prevent rust, pitting and fading

  • Protect your brake calipers

  • Protect your investment in your wheels and car

Wheel cleaning packages start and $25 per wheel

Wheel polishing services start at $75 per wheel

Ceramic coating (wheels & calipers) starting at $75 per wheel

Get the new ceramic coating to give your wheels a level of protection not available from any other product on the market today. Our heat resistant and durable ceramic coating is recommended for long-term protection. Contact us at Body Brilliant Detailing today for more information on our wheel polishing, cleaning and coating services

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