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The staff at Body Brilliant Detailing offer a variety of paint correction and scratch removal services.

We handle everything from minor swirls and wash scratches to complete vehicle paint restoration.


Our Paint Correction Pros Use the Best Tools

At Body Brilliant Detailing, we pride ourselves on being Long Island’s premier paint correction, scratch removal, and protection specialists. Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked with every type of paint technology available. We use custom lights and lighting tools to detect and correct paint defects, employ high-end paint gauges to determine the condition and thickness of the paint and use a variety of microscopes to check the paint. We do all of this before we even tackle the paint repair process.

Don’t let just anyone start working on your vehicle’s paint, since it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. At Body Brilliant Detailing, we treat your vehicle like the investment it truly is.

We Specialize in These Paint Technologies:

  • Single Stage Paint

  • Multi Stage Paint

  • Gelcoat

  • Lacquer & Acrylic Paint

  • Tinted Paints

  • Urethane Paints

  • Clear Coat Paint, Hard, Medium & Soft 

  • Custom Paints

  • Pin Striping

  • Protected Paints

  • Flat & Semi Flat Paint

What Types Of Paint Damage Can Be Corrected?

Light To Medium Scratches

Micro Marring & Hazing

Above Surface Damage

Below Surface Damage

Etching & Paint Blemishes

Water Spots & Hard Water Stains


Faded Paint

Dry Paint

Swirls & Holograms

Heavy & Deep Scratches

What Types Of Paint Correction Do We Specialize In?

Paint claying and decontamination

Paint compounding

Paint polishing

Ultra-fine paint polishing

Paint manipulation

Paint leveling

Wet sanding

Professional paint protection systems

Before we provide paint correction pricing, we evaluate the condition of your car’s paint. We always strive to offer competitive pricing and do our best to match your paint correction budget.  Contact Body Brilliant Detailing to learn more about our paint correction and scratch removal services.


Paint damage varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle and per different types of paints, paint colors, and paint hardness. Therefore, it’s impossible to offer accurate paint correction pricing without a careful analysis of your car’s paint. We utilize the most up-to-date technology on the market today to assess your paint surfaces. The staff at Body Brilliant Detailing utilizes a electronic paint meter which measures the quality of the paint and to identify any other type of paint damage. We also utilize a gloss meter that measures the clarity of paint, the flatness level of the surface, and identification of haze at different angles.


By utilizing this technology the staff at Body Brilliant Detailing can create the best possible finish with quantifiable results with a written report of the improvement made to your vehicle! website information regarding the use of current technology used by us! See Paint Technology

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