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What Everyone Needs to Know About FEYNLAB Window Coating by Body Brilliant Detailing is great!

FEYNLAB WINDOW COATING is an ultra-durable, extremely slick, and super hydrophobic window treatment which covalently bonds to glass. FEYNLAB WINDOW COATING reacts with the glass forming a physical bond with it. These covalent bonds are incredibly difficult to break, which means a very durable and long-lasting coating.

Product Benefits

FEYNLAB WINDOW COATING is an economical and easy to apply professional window coating with extreme durability. Certified installers can confidently offer this product to customers at an extremely competitive price with other coating brands, while equaling or surpassing performance.

Feynlab focused on a glass coating treatment with ease of application, great performance, & durability. The cleaner/polish step removes all contaminants on the glass, revealing “hydroxyls” which are the reactive sites within the glass which the coating anchors to when it condenses on the surface. Several minutes after installation, a ceramic-like membrane is formed, filling in the micro voids of the glass and covering the peaks with protection. While this process takes place at the nano scale level, the beneficial change is visually evident, increasing the ability to “see through” glass.

After the application process is complete, the glass is converted from a relatively reactive surface to one that is chemically inept, stain resistant, hydrophobic, and oleophobic!

WINDOW COATING is only for professional use by FEYNLAB Approved and Accredited installers. Do not attempt to apply this product without training.

Durability, Warranty & Approved Surfaces Expected durability includes many variables such as abrasion to the surface and chemical exposure. However, expect six (6) months to a year on the windscreen and two (2) or more years on the side glass and rear window. Application process includes glass polishing and at least one layer of Feynlab Window Coating.

Contact Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island for your window protection quote! Most ceramic coating packages by BBD include a window coating! ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIALS!

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