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Vehicle Wrap Removal at BBD

Wrap/Clear Bra removal on this beautiful white Porsche that recently rolled in to Body Brilliant Detailing.

The removal process takes several hours with several different processes we utilize to safely remove the wrap and restore the finish back to its original state.

As Clear-Bra has its benefits for those who choose to apply to there vehicle it does have some detrimental effects on your vehicle surface.

The clear-bra does slow down the oxidation process most commonly found when exposed to various environments.

When removed it is critical that the surfaces be properly assessed as to possible clear-coat failure or degradation of the basecoat.

Most of the time when properly removed paint correction is essential as to ”matching” the other panels properly and “blending” them to match all of the other panels that were not wrapped or covered.

There are great benefits of wrapping your vehicle’s front end but it does have some disadvantages.

See some snapshots:

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