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The Truth Is Choose a CHROME DELETE Package at BBD!

At Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island we offer many types of "CHROME DELETE" packages here.

Chrome Delete is a service we offer to transform the chrome on your vehicle to a darkened accent that gives your car that distinctive look setting your car apart from the rest of the "crowd".

Any type of DELETE is possible as you can choose your color from carbon fiber, matte, gloss, or any color of your choice for your ride! Once applied and bonded to your vehicle's surface, you can clean it and polish it with any type of cleaning product.

The majority of cars have a metal or chrome finish on the window trim, which can detract from a sleek look, especially on dark vehicles. Wrapping these areas as part of a chrome delete process, in a dark gloss or matte finish, can really change how the car looks, which may be surprising given how small the change may seem.

Contact us today for your CHROME DELETE packages!


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