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PORSCHE Final Photos at BBD!

Porsche FINAL PHOTOS of this white beauty That turned out FLAWLESS!

Detailing Services completed on this vehicle here at BBD:

  • Wrap/clear bra removal from front bumper, hood, front lower spoiler, and side view mirrors.

  • Extensive Paint Correction Including removal of embedded glue and plastic on painted surfaces causing the paint surfaces/gloss which appeared yellow. The exterior gloss and color restored back to original state.

  • FEYNLAB Ceramic coating Including all painted surface, trim, headlights, taillights, and emblems treated.

  • FEYNLAB 1-year Tire Shine.

  • FEYNLAB Wheel and Caliper Coating.

  • FEYNLAB Interior leather treatment including seats, carpets and mats.

  • Convertible/Cloth Top wash and cloth treatment With RAGGTOP/HARTZ.

  • GLASSPARENCY window treatments.

  • Paint Chip and touchup services.

See more photos on our website as to the before, during, and after photos.

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