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Paint Care is More than Washing!

Many consumers understand that vehicle care and maintenance includes their exterior and interior surfaces. Even fleet managers have incorporated washing and waxing as part of their fleet maintenance programs. With the increased knowledge and awareness comes the potential for increased confusion. The problem lies in the idea that washing and waxing is all that is needed for paint care and protection.

Many detail professionals know that washing alone will not remove all of the pollutants and embedded contaminants from a painted surface. A painted surface that has only been washed and waxed will actually lock in the pollutants onto the surface and dull and over time damage the surface. Machine polishing, clay barring, and other steps are required to completely clean and prepare the surface.

The staff at Body Brilliant Detailing is extremely knowledgeable about the various types of paint systems. Our Detailers are trained and tested on their knowledge on the approaches to preparing and polishing paint. Advancements in the types of products and application processes requires continuing education and advanced knowledge that Body Brilliant Detailing Certified Detailers attain. Today's clear coat systems and paint systems are changing and one approach will not solve every problem.

We recommend that you work with our company in the maintenance of your vehicle and fleet. Proactive care and a simple maintenance regiment can increase the value of the vehicle. Many fleet managers have reported that vehicles that include a paint maintenance program have operators with higher employment satisfaction rates and improved customer perception rates.

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