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Overspray and Concrete Removal! (SEE VIDEO).

Conventional overspray removal used by body shops and inexperienced detailers can damage your vehicles clear coat! Our paint overspray removal methods are 100% clear coat safe and won't leave your vehicle damaged.

Recent overspray & concrete removal from a 2017 Mazda. A heavy concrete buildup was on the exterior surfaces of this vehicle requiring several hours to remove and restore the paint finish and shine on this vehicle.

We've helped thousands of individuals and companies relive their overspray and paint headache by restoring their damaged vehicles to their previous condition or better! We can quickly and effectively get your emergency resolved! No matter if it's a single vehicle or 1,000 we make things easy and seamless for you! We will get you back to your normal life in no time!

  • We can work directly with the insurance adjuster, contractor or the vehicle owner.

  • We perform all overspray and paint contaminant removal right on site. No need to bring the vehicles to us.

  • Fast response! We can generally get your overspray removal taken care of immediately

  • We specialize in the safe removal of enamel, urethane, lacquer, tar, oil, iron dust, environmental fallout, spray paint, vandalism, road paint, chemical emissions, industrial coatings, concrete and epoxy based paint.

Contact Body Brilliant Detailing today for all of your detailing and overspray removal services at 631-403-0474

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