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New! FEYNLAB CERAMIC PLUS at Body Brilliant is most popular! Available Now!

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC PLUS: The Perfect Marriage of Our Self Healing and Ultra Durable Ceramic Technology.

Over the life of the installed product, a car coated in FEYNLAB® CERAMIC PLUS will show significantly less swirls and marring than any other professional ceramic coating on the market (except for FEYNLAB® SELF-HEAL PLUS AND SELF HEAL LITE) due to the recovery properties of the coating.

CERAMIC PLUS contains some of the same chemistry found in FEYNLAB® CERAMIC V2, and has similar physical properties such as; excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and excellent water sheeting (hydrophobicity).

FEYNLAB’s true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.

FEYNLAB® CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology.

CERAMIC PLUS maintains the thickness and protection aspect of CERAMIC, while incorporating 40% of self-healing capabilities for light surface scratches and micro marring. While some deeper scratches may not completely recover, they may appear much less noticeable on lighter colored paint systems.

Additionally, Ceramic Plus still provides similar heat resistance, high gloss, hydrophobic and easy cleaning properties which Ceramic V2 is known for.

CERAMIC PLUS is only for professional use by FEYNLAB™ Approved and Accredited installers. Do not attempt to apply this product without training.

*Installed price starting at $999 depending on the amount of paint correction required and is quoted separately!

Body Brilliant Detailing is an authorized Tier One Installer of Ceramic Plus. Contact us for your quote today!

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