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Milk Spill in a Trunk (See Our Video)!

Spilled milk in car can seem like a minor problem at first; at least until a few days later. What seemed like a non-issue at first, has somehow grown into the most horrific, unearthly smell your nose has ever been insulted by! How could something as innocent as a little milk, grow into something so offensive that you want to vomit!

Having been in the car detailing business for over thirty years I have had the "pleasure" of cleaning up every kind of natural, and unnatural spill and mess known to man; and a few that still remain a mystery even to myself. Cleaning spilled milk, or removing milk smell out of car is fairly common.

The Nature of the Detailing Business...

Do to the nature of liquid spills, most people take immediate steps themselves in attempt to limit the spread and damage of these type of spills. And when it comes to milk spills in cars, it usually plays out something like this:

  • You are on your way home from the market with a gallon of milk in the car; either back seat, rear storage area, or trunk.

  • You take a hard turn or some inconsiderate motorist cuts you off and you have to slam the brakes.

  • Your goods from the market are hurled into some corner of your car whereby springing a leak or completely bursting your milk container.

  • Upon arriving at home, you quickly mop up as much of the spilled milk you can.

  • You grab some form of inadequate cleaner and quickly saturate the area in hopes of removing the spilled milk from your car; or worse, you empty an entire box of baking soda onto the milk spill thinking this will be a cure-all in the moment.

  • After your inadequate attempts at cleaning the milk spill from your car, you happily go about your life...

  • Until a few days later you go to get into your car when upon opening your car door, you are knocked over by the most horrific, nauseating smell that burns the nose hairs right out of your nose!

  • This is because you really didn't get all or much of the actual milk out of the car and it has began to ferment and grow into this unearthly disgusting smell.

Because a simple milk spill in your car, be it big or small, seems rather tame to most people, they generally attempt to clean milk from carpet themselves. When it comes to most spills, this is generally not a problem, but when it comes to spilled milk within the confines of your cars interior, or cars trunk, we are dealing with a different animal here. For milk left to itself, will begin to ferment and spoil to an unearthly smell that will cause many people to vomit.

So if you find yourself in the unfortunate position where you now have a car that wreaks from spoiled milk, and you have come looking online for help, you have come to the right place here at BBD! There is a definite process to removing milk stains and odors out of your car; a process most people will lack the skills or patience to do properly.

A combination of precise vacuuming, steam cleaning and extraction, use of an electronic ozonator with the application of the correct cleaning products will most certainly remedy and correct the smell!

Milk Stain and Odor Removal Pricing

$95.00 for service call and first hour of cleaning; $80.00 for every hour there after (Does not include interior detailing which is recommended).

Closing Comments...

In order to remove the milk smell out of car, the milk spilled in car will have to be removed first. Let my experience with these types of spills work for you; We are just a phone call away!

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