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Milk Spill in a Trunk (See Our Video)!

Spilled milk in car can seem like a minor problem at first; at least until a few days later. What seemed like a non-issue at first, has somehow grown into the most horrific, unearthly smell your nose has ever been insulted by! How could something as innocent as a little milk, grow into something so offensive that you want to vomit!

Having been in the car detailing business for over thirty years I have had the "pleasure" of cleaning up every kind of natural, and unnatural spill and mess known to man; and a few that still remain a mystery even to myself. Cleaning spilled milk, or removing milk smell out of car is fairly common.

The Nature of the Detailing Business...

Do to the nature of liquid spills, most people take immediate steps themselves in attempt to limit the spread and damage of these type of spills. And when it comes to milk spills in cars, it usually plays out something like this:

  • You are on your way home from the market with a gallon of milk in the car; either back seat, rear storage area, or trunk.