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Methods of a Clean Ragtop!

Owning a convertible top can be an enjoyable experience, especially during the warmer months. Replacing a convertible top can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 and that’s on the low side.

Protect your investment with regular annual care from Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island to keep that convertible top looking good for many years!

However, in order to keep your rag top looking it’s best, it needs a regular cleaning just like the rest of your vehicle. In addition, it’s imperative that you protect your convertible rag top from the elements and natural dangers. A professional, experienced Detailing company like Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island will make sure that no matter which type of soft top you own, it will be professionally cleaned and protected by one of our technicians.

So sorry what makes a convertible top deteriorate and become dirty?

Here are some examples: -Heat -Ultraviolet Rays -Smog -Tree Sap -Bird Droppings -Salt -Tar -Grease -Dirt -Grit -Mold -Petroleum Fumes (from driving on the highway) -Aviation Fumes (if driving or living near an airport) Top Materials with today’s topping fabrics which have two basic constructions:

  • 2 layer laminate- an embossed and colored PVC exterior surface on a PET or PET/Cotton lining textile

  • 3 layer laminate of a solution-dyed acrylic exterior textile, rubber or urethane elastomer, and a PET, PET/Cotton, or Cotton lining textile.

Other words and “industry jargon” for a convertible: *Cabriolet *Cabrio *Drop Top *Drophead coupe *Open two seater *Open top *Rag top *Soft top *Spider *Spyder


Contact your detailing professional today at Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island!

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