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Importance of caring for your Convertible Top!

It’s easy to keep your convertible’s top looking great. It’s key to know what it’s made of and what additional maintenance is needed. Using the right cleaners and gentle technique to address trouble spots early on can help it stay in top-notch condition. Finally, follow up with protectants to extend the life of your top—and leave you trouble-free for top-down driving.

Whether we’re talking about sports cars or Jeeps, soft-top convertibles share the same basic purpose—a flexible, waterproof covering over a folding frame that clips securely in position, protecting you from the outside elements. Materials and complexity vary, but modern convertible tops are all waterproof thanks to either a rubberized surface or a waterproof inner core. Some Fabric tops will have a matte finish that appears canvas-like. Vinyl tops will have a leather or plastic-like sheen and are more water-resistant (but also more likely to develop cracks and leaks over time if not properly taken care of). It’s important to determine what type of material you have, as the tips and tricks for care vary. One way to determine your ragtop’s material is to rub a tiny droplet of water into its surface. If the droplet soaks in, the top is almost certainly fabric. If it smears, the top is vinyl.

As always, the team at Body Brilliant Detailing is always available to discuss and troubleshoot any questions You may have as to proper maintenance.

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