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How to remove scratches from car paint Worth Fighting For!

A leader in the car care industry Meguiar's car care products recently came out with an article as to how to remove scratches from your car paint! (reprint from the AAA network).

This great article outlines on how what type of equipment is needed, the need to know about what paint is all about, how you get started and much more......

This article is reprint from Mike Stoops from Meguiar's car care products who shares some tips on how to remove scratches from car paint (November 2, 2020 article from "Your AAA daily life cars and trucks article, Automobile Club of America, Roberto Cruz 11/2/2020).

At Body Brilliant Detailing we are here for our customers who may need assistance in removing these sometimes difficult scratches and surface marring. As always we are always available for consultation by either email, phone, or text.

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How to Remove Scratches From Car Paint -
Download • 1.35MB

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