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Hire The Right Detail Professional!

Hiring the correct Detailing professional is critical for all of your professional detailing needs!

Your vehicle today is a large, financial investment with the median prices of purchasing or leasing a vehicle being over fifty-thousand dollars!

-Do you want to hire someone who works out of the trunk of their car, draws of your water and electric and who does not have the right professional equipment to offer the best of services?

-Do you hire someone who has the cheapest prices and doesn’t have an established reputation?

-Do you hire a professional detailer who is NOT affiliated with a professional organization like the International Detailing Association and has to correct training and experience?

-Do you hire a detailer who is just doing this as a “side-job” and is only doing this for the summer or is the “kid-down-the-block”?

At BBD we are a professional detailing company who is closely affiliated with the International Detailing Association, who are properly insured, has been doing this for over 30 years, and has a professional detailing shop and customized, self-contained detailing trailer with its own water, electric, and even shade to deliver the best possible detailing services at your door step!

All of our services and work is guaranteed by a money-back promise if the customer is not happy with The delivery of our services.

Choose your detail professional wisely for there has been nightmare stories that we have heard over the many years we have been in business often the vehicle paint finish being completely destroyed due to improper practices!

So take care of that financial investment with the best possible detailing company!

Contact Body Brilliant Detailing today!

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