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Finally FEYNLAB an innovative solution to ceramic coatings! Problem Solved

Here at Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island we are a Tier 1 installer of FEYNLAB at our facility. We are a full-time detailing center committed to providing full-service detailing for our customers.

FEYNLAB is the world leader in nanotechnology development and manufacturing for automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. Their team of scientists trained at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Oxford University.

FEYNLAB pioneered nano resin systems and continues to push the boundaries of this technology. The founder, John Suerth, first coined the term “Ceramic Coating” over 15 years ago, and no one better understands this topic. Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field, with many great discoveries yet to be made. FEYNLAB will continue to push the science to benefit our customers and their vehicles.

FEYNLAB first distributed its revolutionary coating products as a private label for well-known coating brands, quickly establishing an outstanding reputation for durability, appearance, and protection.

To expand on the vision of FEYNLAB which offers its state-of-the-art nano-technology surface care products directly to installers and the public. They have innovated, developed, and tested many surface care technologies which are now available exclusively through their network of FEYNLAB installers.

"To push the boundaries of science through nano chemistry; expanding exploration and innovation through a deeper understanding of materials and their properties".

Through a particularly imaginative approach, proven with real world successes, vehicle surface nano technology has been greatly expanded and strengthened by John Suerth and implemented by an international team.

FEYNLAB's formulations enable room temperature hand applications of ceramic nano coatings to protect automotive paint, marine & aviation surfaces, plastics, and metal finishes against atmospheric and environmental pollutants.

FEYNLAB’s nano coatings provide vehicle surface protection from UV, micro marring, oxidizing culprits and corrosive chemicals and also exhibit extraordinary gloss.

Unlike our competitors who operate their detailing business's part-time and have other full-time professions while trying to professionally detail your vehicle on certain days WE ARE AVAILABLE on a full-time basis at our state-of-the-art detailing center here on Long Island when you need the service immediately!

Contact us at: 631-403-0474 for your exclusive appointment today!


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