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Finally, a Body Brilliant offers state of the art nano technology Solution that Works!

At Body Brilliant Detailing here in Port Jefferson, NY. Our coatings surpass all the other coatings on the market today and are made here in the USA!

When selecting a coating there are many critical questions you should be asking!

  1. Where was the coating made and will you stand behind it?

  2. Does it have a warranty?

  3. Is your installer properly certified and trained to apply it?

  4. Can you properly "paint-correct" my automotive paint and remove all surface imperfections, micro-marring, and micro-scratching?

  5. How long will the coating last on my vehicle?

We have been detailing for over thirty-years and have applied hundreds of coatings to various vehicle surfaces to various paint systems on the market.

Visit or Contact us at: 631-403-0474

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