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Have you recently had your vehicle professionally detailed recently and the detail shop or car wash and the shop or car wash NEVER gave you recommended solutions to preserve and take care of that freshly detailed vehicle once it left your shop?

Here at Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island WE HAVE created that simple guide for our customers and those who love to take care of their vehicles!

In fact, this valuable guide is given to all of our customers when they leave our shop after having their car professionally detailed by BBD!

Their are recommendations of products and techniques that we have found to be simple for our customers to understand. Included in this guide are the links of both manufacturers and successful videos that we have found that are simple and easy for ANYONE to professionally take care of their vehicle.

This guide is for those who LOVE to take care of their own vehicle to preserve that freshly detailed vehicle and to avoid any other unnecessary expense in the future.

DOWNLOAD this guide today and enjoy the benefits on knowing how to take care of that vehicle today and use the correct products!

Body Brilliant Detailing Recommendations
Download • 282KB

If after reading this guide and those who are unsure about how to do themselves we are ALWAYS available for consultation on how to solve any questions you may have! PLEASE CONTACT US!

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