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Benefits of Using Waterless Wash!

The beauty of a waterless wash is that it is incredibly fast and you don't have to deal with a bucket and hose. You can wash your car on your lunch break if you want. It will take you five minutes and your vehicle will look like you spent all morning detailing it. Most Waterless Wash products on the market today are in a ready-to-use formula which requires no diluting and application requires only several microfiber towels You can wash your vehicle any time, anywhere!

For those in areas where a water source or are limited, those who live in Condos, Apartments, or Homeowner associations, and other locations which can be under certain rules and regulations as to water usage, runoff and drought restrictions this option is a great alternative for you!

Many Ceramic Waterless Wash Products on the market today are formulated to lift contaminants, such as dirt, grease, oil, and bird droppings, off the vehicle’s exterior just like a regular car wash.

The high lubricity formula is packed with surface-protecting polymers to prevent scratching.

When used with a Several plush microfiber towels, Ceramic Waterless Wash is a safe, fast, and effective way to regain a just-washed shine.

Getting the technique down is quick and easy as the staff at Body Brilliant Detailing can assist, coach, and also demonstrate to you how easy it is to “waterless-wash” a vehicle which is even quicker tan dragging out the bucket and hose!

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