Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Beginning Why do brand new cars need paint correction?

It’s surprising to see, but most brand new cars can have numerous sanding marks, rotary trails, buffing marks, swirl marks, and paint marring. It’s important to understand for both the detailers and the customers buying new vehicles to understand how these imperfections happen, how to fix them, and how to prevent them from happening in the future. From our experience, imperfections such as sanding marks, rotary trails, and paint marring typically occur during transportation from the factory to the dealership, or directly on the production line or simply at the dealership level from inexperienced preparation. Swirl marks, on the other hand, typically come from improper washing techniques or improper use of a buffing machine.

How and why do these imperfections happen? 

Cars, yes even Ferrari's, are more mass-produced than ever before. Often after being painted on the assembly line vehicles undergo a paint inspection and defect removal process. This inspection often looks for paint ripples, fisheyes, dust nibs, and excessive orange peel. These defects are often rotary polished and or sanded by hand or with a Dual Action machine. Many defects are from a rotary polisher, which need to be properly polished out to remove the remaining holograms. The fact is manufacturers simply do not have time in an assembly plant to perfect the paint on these cars to the level of a high-end detail shop.

During a new car prep, the vehicle goes through both a comprehensive compounding and polishing stage to remove all sanding marks, holograms, and scratches. After a thorough paint correction to remove all the defects, the paint is looking better than “new.”

It’s important as a customer to understand that, yes, even Ferrari's have paint defects but they can be fixed by a professional detail shop. As a customer, it is important to find a professional detailer who understands how to safely remove these defects and address each car with its own specific needs. From our experience spanning over several decades, every single car that rolls off the assembly line has its own set of needs when it comes to polishing the paint from new.

You as a consumer deserve the best quality product when paying a great deal of money for which you think the product is being delivered to you in the best possible condition!

Contact the detailing professionals at Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island who understand the complexities of these issues and are the BEST at bringing that vehicle back to the near "showroom" condition!

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