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An Alternative to Ceramic Coating!

Swissvax is a complete care system for cars. It comprises an interrelated range of cleaning, washing and care products. Like many unique products, these too were originally manufactured on a small-scale, "kitchen table" basis. The old Anwander chemist's in Zurich served as both the laboratory and the workshop for the first tins of "Antikwachs", using an old wax formulation for antique furniture and lacquer.

Since those first precious tins of "Antikwachs", the Anwander family has devoted itself to producing paints, lacquers and waxes for three generations. The natural car waxes were originally produced solely for the personal use of grandfather and company founder Hans Anwander. Over the years, the formulation was progressively adapted to customer and environmental requirements and to technological changes.

Today the products are still made in our wax production facility exclusively by hand, and the tins are individually filled. The high-grade, complex formulations do not lend themselves to large-scale industrial production. Compromise is just not compatible with our passionate commitment to producing the very best waxes and care products. We at Body Brilliant Detailing invite you to experience the waxes that make Swissvax world famous and are an alternative to Ceramic Coatings!

We would be delighted to put together an individual premium wax recipe for your vehicle at no cost to you. Depending on the vehicle model, paint finish, age and any environmental influences, we will specify a wax that is ideal for your car.

Have confidence in our expert knowledge and our use of all of the Swissvax products, and your car will look as you want it to look – perfect!  Treat your automotive, RV, or motorcycle investment to the ultimate luxury of Swissvax for sparkling reflections that go beyond normal perceptions of “shiny”!

DOWNLOAD the Swiss Vax Handbook today and CONTACT Body Brilliant Detailing to discuss the benefits of Swiss Vax!

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