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A Surprising Tool To Help You Steam Cleaning the Surface before application of A FEYNLAB Coating!

Body Brilliant Detailing has been the leader in detailing here on Long island for over Forty-five years!

As their are different applications and uses for vapor steam in interior cleaning, engine cleaning, and disinfecting of air conditioning vents we at BBD have utilized this process of steam cleaning prior to a ceramic coating and wax application.

This approach completely cleans the area, removes any oils or residual wax to ensure that the coating adheres and bonds to the surface!

We have had incredible results with this final process before application of a finish wax, ceramic coating, or high grade sealant (See video)

We are always thinking "outside-of-the-box" and continually deliver high-quality results for our customers!

Please feel free to give us a call at 631-403-047 our website at: Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island

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