A Professional Detailing Company that you can trust!

Hiring a Professional Detail company is critical to professionally detail your car, motorcycle, or RV!

DON’T just hire that company or sole operator without verifying their insurance and professional organization credentials.

Many detailers come-and-go in the industry using it as making a “fast-buck”, charging below market pricing, and have no insurance or proper certifications or sufficient insurance coverages.

These operators start at the beginning of the spring season and are commonly gone when the fall season is upon us moving on to another business or personal venture.

Some critical questions you as a consumer should ask for those you hire as a professional detailer:

  • Are they properly certified or have experience in detailing?

  • Does the company have the proper liability insurance and garage-keepers insurance (even if they are mobile once they move your car or drive it from one spot to another garage-keepers is critical to have).

  • Does the detailer you hire have the proper equipment and setup either in the shop or mobile service to professionally detail your vehicle?

Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island is a proud member of the International Detailing Association.

We offer both mobile and shop service for your car or motorcycle.

The team at Body Brilliant Detailing of Long Island is a professional detailing company who is properly insured, bonded, and has decades of experience in automotive, motorcycle, and RV detailing.

With over forty years in the detailing industry our family owned business has served many generations of car owners dating back to the 1950’s.

Contact us today with any questions you may have!

We offer our services both at our shop and extend mobile services to our clientel.

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