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10 Questions Answered About A Ceramic Coating Comparison by Body Brilliant Detailing!

As more car owners become more proactive in protecting their cars from Mother Nature, ceramic coatings have become more prevalent options among the population, at least compared to traditional car wax.

It’s not a surprise, really. Ceramic coating offers a lot of benefits, including heightened durability, longer-lasting results, and, of course, a more attractive exterior look. As the popularity of ceramic coating for cars continues to grow, it’s important to know which of these products are worth your money.

Ceramic paint coating protection is a proven technology unmatched by any other product in paint protection. We’ve been applying ceramic coatings since their inception here in North America back in 2011. It took us years to master the ceramic coating application process for cars and it is a skilled art.

Body Brilliant Detailing utilizes the most advanced ceramic coating companies in the world. We have coated hundreds of vehicles using the latest technology and curing processes available.

Given what ceramic coating does to protect your cars from the elements, choosing the best one that suits your needs will go a long way in protecting your vehicle. Review this comparison that we have put together for our customers, then, when you’re in the market for a ceramic coating for your car please feel free to contact us!

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