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10 Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating (See Video).

1. Longest lasting product in the "liquid" paint protection category.

2. One application can last for many, many years with some manufacturers offering warranties.

3. Low ongoing maintenance and easier to clean the vehicle surfaces.

4. Stays cleaner longer.

5. Acts as an additional barrier to protect the painted surfaces.

6. Adds amazing shine, gloss and depth.

7. UV resistant and keeps car cooler inside and out.

8. Keeps the resale value of the car, motorcycle, or RV at a premium.

9. Durable and strong and, can be removed and re-applied.

10. Chemical resistance properties which prevents penetration of rail dust, fallout, and other contaminents to painted & gel-coated surfaces.

If you should have any questions about the various coatings on the market today please contact us at 631.403.0474

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